Q: How do I stop fighting with my partner?

Just stop. This will be the hardest thing to do. Catch yourself being pulled into the fight and instead of going towards the fight and the anger, pull back or walk away. Take a deep breath and don't say all the thoughts that are racing through your ... [ Read More ]

Q: How can I identify the people that aren’t good for me?


You know that someone isn't good for you if you feel unhappy around them; you are continually making excuses for them; and/or they lie. Make sure you are choosing to bring people into your life for healthy reasons. Make sure you know how to meet your ... [ Read More ]

Q: How can I make my relationship work forever?


You can't make a relationship work forever because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. The moment you try to make a relationship work forever you are not in your relationship today, and the truth is today is all your really have. With that said, ... [ Read More ]

Q: How do I save my relationship after an affair?


To save anything, you first need to put on the breaks and stop. Your relationship was on automatic pilot and now needs some true thought. An affair is a cry for change. Affairs happen for many different reasons. The partners in each relationship are ... [ Read More ]

Q: How can I have less anxiety?


First of all make sure that your anxiety is not so high that it is significantly impacting the quality of your life and your ability to function. If so, you may need to meet with a licensed psychologist or your general Medical doctor. If you feel ... [ Read More ]

Q: How do I know if I should stay in this relationship?

how do i know if

It is important to evaluate the relationship by looking into your own heart. There are many qualities that a partner should have in order to be a healthy choice for you. The following traits within yourself and your partner make for a healthy ... [ Read More ]

Q: How do I live in the present and feel satisfied?


Begin by checking in with yourself the moment things don't feel right. Ask yourself, if you are happy right now. If you aren't, figure out why and do something about it! Something living in the moment is as simple as not ignoring the fact that you ... [ Read More ]